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Date, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

We invite you to visit the Ilam Homestead as a guest of the Staff Club.

The Staff Club of the University of Canterbury extends to you an invitation to come over and enjoy the ambience and views from the Ilam Homestead. If you are currently not a member we are inviting you to attend as our guests. Please ensure that you are signed in by a member of the club, and if you do not know one, ask Charles, the Bar Manager. 

The Ilam Homestead has been extensively restored after its earthquake damage and the University of Canterbury Staff Club are delighted to once again have use of this wonderful building.

In the time I have been President of the Staff Club I have been chatting to staff members as to why they do not belong to the Staff Club. I have been very surprised at some of the answers.

“It is just a place for old male academics.” This could not be further from the truth. Our members are an almost even mix of both male and female academics, technical and general staff, as well as alumni and postdocs.

“Friday nights are a time spent with family so I wouldn’t be able to go to the Staff Club.” Friday nights are particularly a family time at the Staff Club and members’ children (under caregivers supervision!) are welcome. I first started going to the staff club, with my supervisor, as an adult Ph.D student and my children came too. Now my grandson often comes with me. It is a wonderful setting for a relaxing family time.

I am also frequently asked when the lunch service will resume at the Homestead. The catering at the Homestead is being taken over by the University and they presently tendering for suitable caterers.

The Staff Club runs a number of events for members during the year. These include barbeques on the first and last Friday of each term and when exam results come out. Most members bring their families to these events. There is also a Christmas party, this year on the 20th December, for the children of members. Other events are listed on our website.
Approximately 25% of eligible staff already belong to the Staff Club. Among others, all academic, general and technical staff are eligible to join. How can you join? Membership forms are available on our website or over the bar at the Ilam Homestead. 

Looking forward to seeing you.
Jan Wikaira

Staff Club of the University of Canterbury