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Date, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand



The Club provides full bar facilities to members and guests. A wide range of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks is available, including eleven different draught beers (mostly from boutique breweries), a selection of wines by the glass, and a selective range of single malt whiskies. Comfortably furnished lounges and a range of newspapers and periodicals are available for members' use. The meeting room can be booked by members for small (10 people) meetings. Adjacent to the Homestead is a gas barbecue. This can be booked through the Manager for private and departmental functions. 

How are these facilities paid for?

The Club has a licence to occupy from the University and the club pays for all rates, electricity, telephone, all internal furnishings and furniture, the BBQ area, the lawn sprinkler system, manager's salary, bar staff wages, and subsidises lunches. A condition of the Club's liquor licence is that only members and guests may be on the premises during Club hours (weekdays between noon and the close of the evening bar). For these reasons, the facilities are not available for use by non-members, unless they are guests accompanied by a member. A guest is anyone not eligible to be a member. See the page labelled membership re who is eligible to join.


Manager Jamie Costelloe 6499
Club Officers (2016)
President Marie Squire 95085
Vice-President Antony Fairbanks 3097
Past President Jan Wikaira 6465
Treasurer Glen Morales treasurer@staffclub


Retiring 2017 Philip Joseph 93759
Retiring 2017 Milo Kral 7392
Retiring 2017 Stuart Lansley
Retiring 2017 Andrew Lapthorn 4117
Retiring 2017 Blair Bonnett
Retiring 2017 Tyler Brown
Retiring 2017 Andy Pratt 6424
Retiring 2017 Don McNickle  
Retiring 2017 Jan Wikaira 6465
Retired 2016 Tim Moore 6256
Retired 2016 Chris Fitchett 6460
Retired 2016 Diane Coulbeck  
Retired Murray Fastier 44457
Retired Steve
Retired Penny Moore 6071
Retired Rachel Payne 8563
Retired Neil MacBeth

Life Members

Chris Fitchett 2013
Diane Coulbeck 2010
John Campbell 2009
Robin Bond 2006
Warwick Good 2005
Bert Brownlie